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Translations: In order to quote a price, it is always necessary to examine the source text (preferably in Microsoft Word or similar formats). Depending on the type of text, a line rate of 2 - 2.50 euros per standard line (1 standard line = 55 characters including spaces) is used. With larger amounts of text, the price per line drops. It can be billed at a flat rate, or an hourly rate can be applied.


Copywriting et al: An hourly rate of 50 - 100 euros is charged depending on the text type/length and the effort involved. The same rate is applied in case of short interpretation jobs. The daily rates (max 8 hrs.) for interpreting range from 700 to 1000 euros, while 500-550 euros are calculated for half days (max 4 hrs.).


The stated rates are to be understood as guidelines, VAT excluded.

Bettina Conci

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